SoE Vol 1. Chapter 1

Hello, everyone. I’m Fudge and as promised about a month ago, I will be picking up Sword of the Emperor. I’m sure many of you know that SoE’s language is probably one of the hardest text to translate. This isn’t just because of the abundance of Hanja but also because the author uses archaic words that wouldn’t be used at all in present day Korea. I’ve seen a couple of people trying to pick this series up, but I’m sure they’ve all given up xD

I don’t have any plans on release schedules or anything, but since school ends in a week or so, I’ll be able to spend more time translating (still have a bunch of final projects to do). Theoretically, I can get at least 2 chapters out a week if I tried, perhaps even up to 4 if I was feeling up to it (during the summer I mean)… we’ll see 😛

I’m looking for an editor or proofreader! Preferably an experienced one that can make things flow better or come up with better word choices.

Also, I’m still learning how wordpress works, so shoot me with any suggestions.

Read chapter one here!


12 thoughts on “SoE Vol 1. Chapter 1

  1. Omg finally,
    I waited sooo long for this story to be translated. Thank you very much Sir Fudge. I hope you won’t drop the story because of the problematic language.
    Many thx one of many leechers.


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