Name Poll!


Just a quick question. Chunma or Chun Ma?

Chapter 3 is indeed easier to translate so it’ll be out sooner (still not sure exactly when). Ciao!


4 thoughts on “Name Poll!

    • For now, I’d prefer to work alone (I’ve already emailed him). I know it’ll make releases a bit faster but I think solo work would make it easier for me in a way. But in the future, I might take up on his offer and work with him!


      • You could use a system like Xian ni has used in the past where you register a few chapters in advance e.g. you translate 3-6 and meanwhile he does 7-9. or something along those lines. that way It will spead up releases and also allow you to work on your own at the same time.

        Doesn’t matter what you do though, thank you for translating. I’ve been praying for that ever since the manga was dropped:P.


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