SoE Vol 1. Chapter 2

Hello, everyone!

I’ve skimmed through chapter 3, and it seemed much easier to translate than chapter 1 and 2, so it should come out sooner! You can probably expect another chapter by the end of the week.

Still trying to figure out how to function wordpress… it seems I will need to heed Alschyu’s advice after all! (You might get 2 notification for chapter 2, but I will fix it before the next chapter comes out!)

Here’s chapter 2!


5 thoughts on “SoE Vol 1. Chapter 2

  1. Btw if you are still looking for an editor, I could theoretically help you edit starting week after next. I’m busy this week so I’m stopping all editing, but I work with Gravity Tales, Dark Translations(Head editor), and Pika Translations. (So I got a bit of experience :P) I’ve been looking to start editing on another project or two once my summer break starts and I have offered around a few places so I’m gonna join projects at a first come first serve basis. (assuming people want me, I may be thinking a little high of myself… XD)


  2. Thank you, I was excitedly waiting for this one, Glad that someone is translating it!

    Just a little tip, use categories, because it will be easier for readers to navigate without the extra content.


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