Quick announcement!

TL;DR: No chapters this weekend. Busy with real life (finals). Translating back to normal next week. Chapter 4 is fun.

Hey guys,

I think I mentioned this before, but I’m really busy this weekend so I won’t have time to translate at all (though I actually just spent some time translating. It was just too addicting. My “let’s just take 15 minutes, turned into 30).

I should be able to get out at least 2 chapters next week though (if all goes well and my finals don’t haunt me), and possibly more of course depending on my motivation. Once summer starts, the number of chapters will go up of course.

It’s sounding more and more like a real wuxia novel from chapter 4! Skill names, wuxia terminology; I think it’s turning out pretty well!

That said, I came to write this after seeing this:

석문, 기해에서 출발한 내기가 거궐, 중정, 옥당, 인당
을 거쳐 백회혈까지 치솟았고 이미 임독 양맥이 타통되어 있는 관계
로 독맥의 뇌호, 영대, 명문을 거쳐 장강으로 치닫고 있었다

Not a single Hanja provided (tears…). So i’ll take my time with this once my projects are over; I know what’s it’s trying to say, but I gotta look into them to know exactly where and what words to use to translate them. If anyone’s willing to try, go ahead! It’ll make my life easier XD


3 thoughts on “Quick announcement!

  1. Thanks for the warning, fudgenouget, it’s good to know. Good luck for your finals, I’m in the exact same situation as you right now so I understand *manly tears*


  2. Thank for the awesome chapter bro. This is really a good and very hard novel to translate.
    Anyway hope the readers that waiting forward for this novel would stay calm and dont keep making demands for faster release.. dont want the same thing happen between thunderhill and reylein to happen again.
    Anyway sorry for the rant.. have a nice day


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