SoE Vol. 1 Chapter 9

Hey guys,

A few important news today.

I would’ve actually had this out yesterday, but I left my laptop charger somewhere outside (which has been successfully retrieved this morning).

I added a donation button for anyone willing, but it will be as a thanks rather than for bonus chapters. Of course, it will motivate me as well. I’m not expecting too much, but most will probably go into college tuition and maybe a lunch here and there.

I can probably get another chapter out this week. For those wondering, volume 1 has 14 chapters, and I assume volume two has around that as well. Starting from volume 3, everything will be new content. Yay!

I’m also going to go over the past 9 chapters as a proofread since I know I could’ve worded things better or the grammar is off here and there. Speaking of which, I’m still looking for editors (M2T5 is busy, and I think i may have deleted someone else’s email oops)! If you are new, pick a random chapter and shoot me an edited version, so I can see how you do! If you are experienced, I can probably trust that you will be in a different league than me 😛

Email me if interested! I’ll try to find them buried in notifications

Enjoy chapter 9  


9 thoughts on “SoE Vol. 1 Chapter 9

  1. If I weren’t so busy I’d love to edit. But work and college get in the way. 😦 I’m already impressed at anyone in college who manages to find time to translate.
    Also, thanks a ton for the chapter!


  2. I have been waiting for someone to pick this up for 2 years now!! should just learnt the language lol

    Keep up the good work, waiting for more chapters before I start my SOE marathon


  3. 3 new chapters were posted on – just thought I’d mention it for those unfortunate enough to (unlike me) not randomly stumble upon the website.


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