Sword of the Emperor Status Update

TLDR; School = no time | Can still release occasionally, especially if Mr.Anon2000 comes active again. I will edit for names and TL check (so first TLer doesnt have to worry about names at all, he can just leave it in korean form even) | Looking for possible helpers (you might not need to even be super fluent since I can take care of the names).

Hey all,

Sorry but this is not a chapter. I DO have one ready (I’ve had it for ~2 weeks now), but I never had the chance to post/edit it with all the back-to-school that’s been happening.

Mr. ANON2000 has moved to college and he’s still getting settled; I haven’t heard from him for ~2 weeks. Hopefully he’ll come around again!

Sword of the Emperor, of course, will be coming out MUCH slower, especially now that I’ve started school again too. I’m a high school senior, and I have to get my essays finished and all. I’m aiming for IVYs so I’ll be quite busy until second semester (looking forward to it…).

I don’t know when the next release will be, but it’ll come out randomly kind of like Xian Ni (unless Mr.Anon2000 comes around again). I don’t have the time do translate whole chapters AND edit, but if he can translate and have me edit, it’ll make it a lot easier (I’d proof check for TL errors, fix names, and come up with names for new words). Without having to worry about all the weird ass names, it makes just TLing a lot easier, so if anyone would like to help out, shoot me an email!


10 thoughts on “Sword of the Emperor Status Update

  1. As long you guy keep releasing chapter, even if its irregularly, I think everything is perfectly fine. Also its not just SOE translation that gotten slower almost every translation have been irregular and slower so it is not even that big of a deal. I think everyone can deal with it.Good luck on getting into ivy school, interview when applying are nerve racking but I loved it afterwards; it is a cool experience. But tuition is too damn expensive.


  2. The translations are awesome, but real life should always take priority :). Thanks for the hard work, fudgenouget! We appreciate it. Good luck with applications, school stuff, etc., and don’t forget to take some time off for yourself every now and again to relax. Senior year flies by so quickly, you want to enjoy it while you can.


    • Thanks for the Chapter.reading is over! Have wait again!!HomeSword is like child-of-light.net!Reader who are interested can take a look!


  3. Don’t mind slow releases, slow and steady wins the race right? Well, it’s better to slow it down so it doesn’t interfere with your life than keep pushing them out and get overloaded. Good luck with your essays and college stuff, just don’t forget to enjoy high school because once it’s gone you’ll realize how much of a pain being an adult is. Haha


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