Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 17~19

Hey guys,

The chapters as of moment are UNEDITED. The editor is close to finishing but it’s almost past Sunday (10 PM at, my time), and people might get angry πŸ˜›

You can wait couple hours for the edited chapter 17/18 (19 will be edited tomorrow I think?), or you can just read it now.

Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19

I was originally planning on releasing 4 chapters, but I totally forgot I had my graduation on Saturday, then an all night grad party… so yep. Enjoy the chapters!!! \o/


The Chapters are now fully edited! Great thanks to my amazing editor Palancar. (Let’s give him a round of applause everyone). He says to give you guys a sorry for the delay πŸ˜›





4 thoughts on “Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 17~19

  1. Thank you so fucking much for translating these chapters. Congratulations on your graduation and I honestly look forward to reading more, one of my face low novels currently keep up the good work!


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