Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 27~28


Chapter 27 and Chapter 28 are here.

My editor and I will be out of town for the weekend.

That said, I’d like to take this time to thank all the readers. I read all the comments and they’re all interesting and motivating. I sometimes wanna jump in on debates, but I think it’s a spoiler so… lol. This series, as far as I could tell while reading, had little to no plot holes, so if you’ve got questions (like ‘why didn’t he <insert>’), they will probably will be addressed in future chapters. I must say though, the author is pretty bad with numbers in terms of view counts and the like, but I think that’s what being in a small country like Korea does.

Next release, I might do a little Translator’s Corner on what takes long to translate, what causes headaches, etc.

Enjoy the chapters! The story only gets better.

Translator: FudgeNouget
Editor: Palancar

P.S. If you notice any typos, grammar errors, not bolded titles (I am guilty of this), please notify me in the comments or via email so I can fix them.




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