Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 32 plus announcement


If you’re wondering why the chapter is a bit late, it’s because I am at TI6, and won’t be home until the end of the week. I got the chapter I sent over to my editor today, which you can read here. There are some news to get through:

  1. I got a new laptop! Doesn’t mean much to you guys, but just wanted to show my excitement at my new 17.3″ beauty (I’m broke now though lol).
  2. Chapter 33 (next chapter) is 80% finished, but it’s on that laptop, which is at home. I’m at TI6 with my old laptop, so I’ll be working on chapter 34 and on if I have any time. You can expect next batch of releases on Sunday most likely, or Monday (knowing me).
  3. The editor has told me that things have come up in his real life and that I should look for a new editor. First, THANK YOU PALANCAR. He’s edited my chapter for 25 ish chapters now, and I am extremely grateful.
  4. That said, I am now looking for a new editor. Email me at fudgenouget@gmail.com if you are interested.
  5. Finally, shout out to MVP.PHOENIX who I am cheering for. Destroyed OG, one of the favorites to win, today. FeelsGoodMan.


Translated by: FudgeNouget
Edited by: Palancar




8 thoughts on “Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 32 plus announcement

  1. >I’m at TI6 with my old laptop

    I’m … jealous. Damn it. Maybe one day I’ll have the funds to travel to Americca and catch the event.

    That OG vs MVP series was so good to watch, I agree.


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