Table of Contents

Note: Remember guys, I moved to Moon Bunny Cafe; so the chapter uploads will be there!

Volume 1:


33 thoughts on “Table of Contents

  1. Really thanks for this translation i did read the manga but they stooped it long ago , and i was waiting for someone to translate the novel , you are really a life saver 🙂 hope you will go on with this project and don’t drop it ^_^


  2. Man thanks for your effort! I’ve messaged tons of groups asking someone to translate this god damn novel! and finally! keep it up 😀


  3. Synopsis:A young Emperor is cast out of his Empire by his uncle, who seizes the throne for himself. The young Emperor sets out to become the strongest among the living, and take back what is rightfully his…

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  4. I never thought this day would come , and thought it would forever be drop .

    even though i’m more efficient in Chinese i started trying to learn Korean just for this story mainly. thank very much:)


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