Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 6-7

Back with a double release!

Here’s chapter 6 and chapter 7

WordPress is having a weird issue on my side where things aren’t loading properly. Hopefully the links are working and everything. I can’t even publish this post at the time I’m writing it (getting some error) ๐Ÿ˜›

You guys can probably expect another chapter this week.

Translated By: FudgeNouget
Edited by: Palancar


7 thoughts on “Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 6-7

  1. He didn’t help the programmers?! Even though it would ultimately mean helping the smart and powerful goddess who was responsible for his downfall. This kind of MC is sooooo rare. It feels so good to not have to “suspend the disbelief” once in while…
    MOAR!!!! XD

    Thanks for the chapters!


  2. The comments on 7 are disabled. So, Spoilers:

    I wonder if they really thought it was a bot or if they were just trying to dodge her overreaction?

    So, there’s nothing holding him down or cutting off the signals to his body? How does he not injure himself when playing?


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