Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 9

Back with the second chapter of the week.

S/O to the first donor. You’ll get a separate S/O (along with the other donors) on the first sponsored chapter. I’m going to include the donors’ names, so if you wish to remain anonymous or want to go by a nickname, shoot me an email!

Translated by: FudgeNouget
Edited by: Palancar


9 thoughts on “Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 9

  1. Thank you for the chapter,
    MC got some anger issues for sure im seeing china-face level of ill slaughter your whole family for a cough in the future


  2. [Translator’s Note] There’s a term used in Korea which I translated as ‘loser.’ It’s basically someone who looks like he can be bullied easily.

    You should use ‘pushover’ instead of ‘loser’.

    pushover – someone who is easily controlled, offers very little resistance to what someone else wants to do, and backs down easily

    Also thanks for the chapter.


    • I was considering using pushover, but I decided against it. The term comes up often in future chapters and I think ‘lose’ fits the bill better than ‘pushover.’ I may change my mind though.


  3. Under their pitying looks, Hyrkan faced the NPC. It was a pale-faced old man with shriveled skin. The NPC spoke, facing Hyrkan.

    “I am the Dark Lord of the Sith, ruler of the Galactic Empire, Darth Sidious. Are you interested in the dark side?”

    [A class-related quest has begun.]

    [After choosing a class, there is no turning back.]

    [To switch from the dark side to the Light side, a tremendous price must be paid.]

    System alerts filled Hyrkan’s ears.

    Hyrkan ignored the alerts.


    “Good! Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you!”

    Thanks for the chapter!!


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