SoE Volume 1 Chapter 6


Not gonna lie, I cried tears of joy when I finished this chapter. You’ll understand when you read it. 3.5k words of pure hell.

This chapter is unedited. I sent the chapter over to our wonderful new editor M2T5, but I had to post the unedited version lest I get mauled by angry mobs waiting for the chapter. Sorry for the late release but… this chapter…. asdfdasgasfasdfasf

Here’s to hoping things will get easier to translate as we delve deeper into the world of SoE (which is literally a mix of Chinese geography and Murim).

Also, something something donations. I would do that, but it wouldn’t be for extra chapters or anything (though tbh it would motivate me to do it faster). I don’t know how to put the donation thing in wordpress and I’m way to lazy to figure out, so for now, nothing of the sort.



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