SoE Vol 1. Chapter 8


Here’s chapter 8 of Sword of the Emperor. Not too late this time, eh? Would’ve liked to get this out yesterday but couldn’t; it wasn’t even that long. I may have spent like 2 days worth of free time reading Forgotten Conquerer, oops. I need more of this.

For those wondering, the manga goes up to the end of Volume 2 (I peeked at first paragraph of Vol 3 :P). There are 21 or something volumes, so it’s quite… long.

Chapter 8!

PS. I will link the next chapters on the chapter, so it’s easier to navigate from chapter to chapter for those marathoning.


7 thoughts on “SoE Vol 1. Chapter 8

  1. “the manga goes up to the end of Volume 2”

    lol, I have wanted to read the whole damn thing ever since I read that the manga got discontinued, but at that time nobody was translating it :S

    Glad to see it actually goes even further, but 19 more volumes? DAMN that more than I expected 😛


  2. How many chapters are in books one and two? So we have something to measure when we look forward to volume three where we get to see past the manga.


  3. I am sooo hype that you guys are translating this I am gonna support you for real! I just found out about the manga and was so glad to see you guys picked up the novel just awesome!


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