SoE Vol 1. Chapter 4


A good news and a bad news.

Good news: Here is chapter 4, which was annoying to translate to say the least xD It was fun though in a way, as this chapter seemed quite Wuxia-esque. Starting next chapter, Yunmun will begin his journey

Bad news (for me): I spilled iced tea on my laptop the other day, and now my number keys from 1 to 0 doesn’t work. I have to use this On-Screen Keyboard, which is really annoying xD

In other news, the translator from Wuxiatranslations has agreed to join, though I haven’t heard back from him after adding him on skype.

Here’s chapter 4!


6 thoughts on “SoE Vol 1. Chapter 4

  1. The guy from Wuxiatranslations said you prefered to work alone! So maybe there has been a miscommunication somewhere… anyway thks for the chapter!


    • I declined at first, then I emailed him asking if he was still interested. He said he definitely was and gave me his skype name, which I added, but no response yet xD

      He took a day or two to reply to my email, so maybe it’ll come around. I’ll email him again to check šŸ˜›


  2. thank you very much šŸ™‚

    i really liked the manwha … manga … manwah what ever. so i’m happy you picked up the LN šŸ™‚


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