SoE Vol 1. Chapter 5

Hello guys~

Here’s the second chapter of the week. Had a lot of irl stuff this week… and I must say, it has been probably the worst week of my life so far (and it won’t get better anytime soon). So forgive me for the lack of updates.

That said, I’m still looking for editors and translators who are interested in joining. For translators, I can send you the RAWs if you’re interested (it’s probably best to read over it for a bit so you know what you’re going into).

I’m going to sleep now… my summer break will officially begin on the 20th so the updates might be a bit slow until then. I will get out at least 2 chapters a week, which hopefully will go up once summer break starts.

Here’s chapter 5.


9 thoughts on “SoE Vol 1. Chapter 5

  1. Thanks for the Chapter!!!

    If you need a editor/translator then maybe I can help?

    I am fluent in both Korean as well as English and I can help with the editing (:


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